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Simplified learning cycle

The subject of astrology is like a huge ocean and a life time is far too inadequate to fathom it and understand all that it holds for the human race. At, we will make your learning cycle simple and easy to understand.

Astrology is originally categorized as a part of metaphysics and has its roots in centuries old energy patterns like Feng Shui, Reiki, Aura reading, yoga and acupuncture. Every planet in our solar system exerts a degree of force or effect on our Earth and all life forms in it. There are 12 zodiac signs and every human being is influenced by one of these signs. These signs themselves represent a distinct combination of the 4 basic elements in our environment i.e., Earth, Air, Water and Fire and one from the 3 fundamental qualities – Fixed, Variable and Cardinal.

The Complex science of astrology

Astrology is also a complex science which goes beyond what we get to see these days in many publications in the print as well as digital media. In abstract terms, astrology is defined as the study of our cosmos and how the universe is influenced by the planetary objects and stars. In the olden days, this science was used more to study climatic patterns, weather, understand underlying cause of certain events, treat or eliminate evil eye and such other tasks. But in modern times astrology is widely used to predict an individual’s characteristics, help him/her choose careers, understand compatibility with persons from the opposite sex, engage in relationships, find causes for troubles in relationships, suggest remedies and so forth. In short, astrology has become a powerful tool to guide every individual through his/her life cycle.

Religion and astrology are distinct

Astrology should not be reckoned as religion. Often times, people confidently use astrological interpretations to resolve issues and improve relationship, family, friends and partners. More importantly, it is a tool that helps us discover our inner world from a different perspective. Keep visiting at regular intervals to learn more.

Specific reason behind every event in life

The science of astrology holds that every event in our life happens for a specific reason and nothing can be attributed to coincidence. In turn, astrology can lead us to some solid answers to why these events happen and guide us to take precautions going forward. With the advent of the digital world, the popularity of astrology has grown manifold and though there are many forms of astrology like Chinese astrology, Mayan astrology and Vedic astrology, Vedic astrology leads the pack because it is more easily understood by the global population and the readings are accurately translated in English language to further help more and more people understand their present and future. A sea of information on every facet of astrology would soon be available on for your benefit.

For many people astrology can act as a life saver since it forewarns you of future obstacles and problems much before the event knocks at your doors. However, the individual always has the liberty to believe in these predictions or accept the events as they happen. will answer your questions, clear your doubts and help you make an informed decision.

You can learn everything about the 12 zodiac signs, its compatibility with other signs, your love life, your career, health and more at We are also launching more personalized service soon.

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