Pisces Woman Taurus Man

The Pisces woman Taurus man association is among the most creative and fertile combinations. Though they are different in expression of their love, they are dependable and strong relationship. The Pisces woman Taurus man pair share and complement each other in a very strong union of understanding and mutual respect.

The Taurus man is an honest, modest and quiet individual with a strong willpower that he exerts with such domineering force that it bends even steel. Though he is not an optimist but a realist, his views are decorated with hints of smartness in an irregular pattern. He attaches the greatest importance to working hard and achieving his personal goals, but works in his own way and at his own pace, not taking kindly to others who question his methods. In his relationship with the opposite sex, he is highly possessive, intensely protective, and extremely caring as a companion with soft romance displayed at intervals.

The Pisces woman Taurus man pair make a perfect match and the Pisces woman always looks for a stable relationship with a reliable man. The Taurus man prefers to be in command and needs the admiration and respect that goes with the position and she is happy with that. In fact, due to this disposition, he adores his Pisces love even more and puts in even more effort in taking care of his lady love. He is always devoted to his lady love and makes sure that she is secure and comfortable in all ways possible. This couple prefers staying indoors compared to going out, which is a positive factor since they enjoy very much in the presence of each other. But, at times she finds that he is over involved with his work, to an extent where her feelings are neglected to a degree of rudeness on occasions. However, together they make up for this by providing each other with enough of unfulfilled needs to set aside the minor incompatibilities they have.

The Pisces woman is sweet, feminine, lovingly peaceful, and with sophisticated romance. She is the kind of lady who inspires the proverbial ‘love at first sight’. She can be unrealistic and naïve about other people and the world, but that simply is attributable to her innocence and her surroundings. She tries to keep off situations that potentially can be dramatic to her life, but her indecisive nature does bring some of these unwanted situations into her life. She is well versed in romance and has the most romantic and delicate gestures in her relationship embellished with plenty of words and respect for her heartthrob.

In the Pisces woman Taurus man relationship, it is a love at first sight for the Pisces woman since the Taurus man in fact is a strong individual who is capable of taking good care of his lady love and the delicate nature she has. They provide the kind of comfort that both of them have longed for always. When the world gets too overwhelming and unpredictable or stops short of her fantasies, the two are capable of retreating into each other where reality is a significantly more ideal place to be. Usually both of them are very content embracing their traditional roles according to their gender. The soft spoken Pisces woman may exhibit a timid nature and is very happy to allow the Taurus man call the shots as she has high esteem and strong regards for her Taurus love. Having an organized and tidy home is a necessity for the Taurus man and the Pisces lady is happiest in providing him just that. But, at times the absence of personal motivation can frustrate him when the cleanliness falls short of his desired level.

The love between the Pisces woman Taurus man pair deepens with the Pisces woman with her soothing aura, serene charisma and uniquely tender touch covers her Taurus love with supreme admiration and warm affection. On his part, the Taurus man sets aside his hard ways and stubbornness to raise himself to a noble knight with a golden heart. He helps his lady love comprehend the world though he continues to keep her at some distance, warmly beneath his arms to take care and to be dearly loved forever. They experience warmer winters to the accompaniment of snowflakes and soft music from the stars and their summers are rosy and shiny with the freshness unique to the morning dew and colorful butterflies all around.

The love life of the Pisces woman Taurus man pair is an indescribable fulfillment and beauty for the couple. The Pisces woman puts in significant amount of time fantasizing and daydreaming to an extent where she tends to miss out on things that are actually happening around her. Making love with her Taurus man snaps her out from this clouded state to reality which turns out to be more beautiful than her world of fantasy. Conversely, the Taurus man trains much of his time in a boring, cold reality and when he focuses into the dreamy eyes of his Pisces love, she brings him out into a blissful world extending beyond all that he had ever hoped for in physical as well as verbal romance. Though he fights shy of using words to express his feelings, he can effectively use the medium of lovemaking to express himself and that makes his Pisces love comfortable and secure. Her own expressions are filled with softness while he uses his physical presence to achieve similar results and they blend into a satisfying and passionate unison.

After the spring flowers have withered away and the Pisces woman Taurus man pair emerge from their bedroom, the two are out in the open to take on the cold, cruel world and all the practical realities that it presents. They traverse the opposite ways to view the realities and facts that are part of these views. He speaks up only when he is sure about what he intends to say and truth is etched on stone for him while for his Pisces love, current feelings govern truth. She does not see her thoughts, actions, intentions or history in black and white. Instead she views them in shifting colors of the entire rainbow. That gives the Taurus man a hard time handling the inconsistencies of his Pisces love. When the Taurus man gets ready to accept that his Pisces love cannot see the world in concrete terms, and in turn, she softens his stubbornness, the Pisces woman Taurus man relationship flourishes to be a match made in the heavens

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Taurus Woman Pisces Man

The union of the Taurus woman Pisces man pair is strong and has a good sense of responsibility and easy communication between them. While Pisces represents a sensitive soul, the Taurus provides a steady and solid partner. Generally both these lovers are very simple and predictable except when the Pisces man is in a negative or changeable mood.

The Pisces man is a sophisticated man with even temper who could at times behave like the real dreamboat though often times, he can be surprisingly oblivious of this quality. Though he does all that he can to avoid turbulence and drama, it still has its way of seeping into his life. His approach to love and life itself is very romantic and prefers tranquil environs. He is gentle and poetic in every gesture and stays sweet and simple always in the Taurus woman Pisces man relationship. The shifty nature he has may sometimes portray him as weak but truly, he is just an idealist.

A relationship with the Pisces man is inevitably luring for the Taurus woman as he can take her into uncharted and new emotional terrains, revealing a part of her own self that she hardly knew ever existed. Simplicity and predictability in the needs of his Taurus love is fully appreciated by the Pisces man. He is also likely to draw great comfort in the knowledge that in times of need he can lean on his Taurus love and that when left to his own ways, his life can be in shambles and she is responsible to ensure that together, they are on track at all times. The Taurus woman Pisces man pair appreciates art though they have quite different tastes and still enjoy admiring the taste of each other. But at times, his promises may be well meaning but often a bit too flaky and spacey to follow through to the end and that shatters the Taurus woman.

The Taurus woman is a very kind and tender lady with a charismatic personality and serene aura. She is generally a patient woman and nagging is hardly in her blood and there must be a solid reason to make her jealous. Usually she is a home bound lady and hard worker beyond what one can believe. Normally, she is gracious, and warm for her Pisces love as well as his friends and very good adviser and listener in times of need. However, she can be heartless and cold at times, though the intentions are never rude and it results only from her dedication to work.

Typically, the Taurus woman gets attracted to the Pisces man who very unique and unlike anyone else she has ever seen. She is not comfortable trusting changeable or mysterious personalities and yet she cannot resist the magnetic attraction towards the Pisces man. Despite this the Taurus woman Pisces man relationship can be a slow starter. The foundation is laid with great care because she is conscious of the dangers of stepping out too far and he is also not open to taking any risk at all. He direly needs a caretaker though he may not recognize that need and finds that the Taurus woman is the perfect prototype of what he is looking for. But, she might get furious on occasions on account of his actions and that could lead to his experiencing the height of anger and rage in her. Because of this, the Pisces man should be careful not to float in a dream world and try to keep things more practical.

The Taurus woman Pisces man relationship progresses smoothly into everlasting love aided by romantic whispers from the throat vibrating through the silence of midnight to an emotional rhythm. The Pisces man is satisfied because she tends to submit rather than play the dominant partner and his friendly and soft attitude gives her the space and the feel of a butterfly. In this romantic love affair, both partners experience unearthly ecstasy and earthy passion making the unison a fulfilling experience. Both of them are good communicators and they understand the desires of each other with determined but soft promise to fulfill and them happy always.

The love life between the Taurus woman Pisces man pair is pretty satisfying. Both of them are hungry for affection, sensuality and reassurance and are very happy in providing it to their partner. Though the Taurus woman needs more of physical act the Pisces man leans towards the psychic and together they traverse uncharted and new territories providing consistent stimulation to their love making adventures. The Taurus woman takes a while to get used to the outward romanticism of the Pisces man but reveals the nostalgic and softer side of her sensibilities. The physical demonstrations from her ignite a more passionate, aware, and present approach to his lovemaking. The chemistry that goes on between this couple is really interesting. Over a period of time, they learn ways to satisfy their needs and take extreme care to ensure that their physical intimacy leads to a beautiful experience. She plants her feet firm on the ground while the Pisces man holds his head high up and in their journey together they work for the best of what the earth and heaven can give them. On occasions, it could be advantageous for the couple to remember that good appearance and good work are equally important particularly in a relationship, in which emotions revolve around presentation and display.

As with the other combinations under the Zodiac, this couple too has their share of irritants and obstacles in their path to cope with. The intentions of the Pisces man towards his heartthrob are nothing but the best but his habit of drifting idly allowing the abstract concerns he has to cloud his commitments in the real world. This behavior can potentially go to the heart of the Taurus love and even cause cracks to appear in the relationship. Once the Taurus woman has committed herself to the Pisces man, she puts a mountain of faith into him and she can be severely crushed when let down. Thankfully for him, she is so endeared to him from the word ‘go’ and therefore may get a second chance to mend his ways. He needs to grow up somewhat to hold on to the Taurus lady and that can do him a load of good in several ways helping the Taurus woman Pisces man compatibility further.

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Taurus Woman Aquarius Man

The Taurus woman Aquarius man combination is one with a different flavor. The Taurus woman values dependability and consistency in the relationship while the Aquarius man resists what is conventional, tested and true. The Taurus woman needs her love life to be without complications, comfortable and sensual while the Aquarius knows sticking with things avoiding complications and that lends the ability for Taurus woman Aquarius man pair to work together.

The Aquarius man is a creative thinker, a bright person with keen insight of the functioning of the world and the humans populating it. He has a clear perception on why historically things have happened and how things could unfold in future days. Though others can see his personal views are outlandish, he is always committed to his own perceptions. He is very happy and friendly to help others. Though he may be seemingly indifferent and detached at times, generally he has the warmth of love. In the Taurus woman Aquarius man relationship he invariably proves himself to be a friend with great understanding and a friendly word for his Taurus lady to cheer her up.

Though the Aquarius man loves beings in a relationship and certainly admires the Taurus lady, he has an amount of unpredictability effectively making it difficult to plan a lifetime relationship with him. He may have intentions to have a sustainable relationship but it is difficult even for him to know his exact stand in a specific situation. He can make unpredictable and sudden changes and will stay true to himself before he considers being true to another. However, when he finds a basis for true love, that too from the Taurus female which is so dedicated and pure, chances are that the Aquarius man can tie up with her. He is always a very good partner and listener who has respect for the independence and individuality of his partner. Like other men, the Aquarius man has no ego issues and is always appreciative of his Taurus love even at times when her success quotient is higher than his own. But, when it comes to expression of love, he can fall short and this could hurt his Taurus love.

The Taurus lady is a determined individual with all worthy qualities a male yearns for in his lady love. She has more emotional and moral courage than most women usually have but she is also capable of exhibiting stubbornness and storms of fury on occasions. She always sports a gracious tendency which is impressive for most people making her the a perfect hostess for every occasion. In the Taurus woman Aquarius man relationship, she is a supportive and perfectly loyal partner and her possessiveness and jealousy can stay on the sidelines when her Aquarius man takes appropriate time to bestow proper attention and affection towards her.

In the Taurus woman Aquarius man relationship the focus of the Taurus woman is not merely on romantic thrill. She looks for stability and commitment in the relationship which is very important for her and automatically she thinks in terms of a lifetime relationship. She brings all the qualities expected of a compassionate mate to care for her man as well as his home. At times, she can be stubborn and funny and at other times, you can never find her without focus. She puts on perfumes that invariably smell exotic and the food she has always taste right. She knows ways of taking care of the easy going Aquarius love and his needs. She has deep love for her home but in matters of companionship, she has the qualities of a true friend who loves chatting and discovering the world in the company of her Aquarius man. But, at times, she can be furious and stubborn to handle and the Aquarius man needs to take care to prevent being pushy or argumentative with his Taurus love.

With the Taurus woman learning to accommodate the flighty nature of her Aquarius man and he grows a little more stable, their love becomes smoother and sweeter. Their love gets filled with a pleasant fragrance and blossoms up with romance, delicacies and beautiful flowers to last every moment over the years that the relationship lasts. When these two are love locked, there are many colors that light up in their lives none of which they had ever imagined. The Sophisticated Taurus lady gives her Aquarius love some lessons to become more lovingly expressive and sensitive while the Aquarius man on his part, imparts some lessons to his Taurus love to be more creative and imaginative. Their love achieves lovely shapes teaching them many more lessons in life that they understand holding each other’s hand and mark them as memories to be cherished throughout their lives. Everything is possible where true love flourishes and that is exactly what the Taurus woman Aquarius man relationship achieves.

When the airy Aquarius and earthy Taurus take the relationship to a different level, in the beginning, their love making is apparently very exciting though somewhat less fulfilling for the Taurus lady. For her, sex is a means of expressing emotions which she cannot show easily in any other way and feels less satisfied by hi detached and cool approach to love making. For him, sex is more a tool for gratifying his own curiosity than satisfying any sort of emotional need. She is on the lookout for a steadfast, sturdy companion and need affirmations about her importance and need by her love. The problem is when he places more importance on friendship compared to a romantic relationship. But if the Taurus woman has adequate patience to wait and bring up the Aquarius man to a passionate level, then he will prove himself to be a partner who is capable of creating the magic of togetherness that cannot be described in words and one that turn on soul and heart as well all physical senses of his Taurus love. She has to pamper his testosterone to drive the competitive success and keep him aroused at times to the highest levels.

The Taurus woman Aquarius man pair however has to cope with some differences that are seriously striking to lend durability to their relationship. The curiosity of the Aquarius man is such that he wants everything bizarre and new coming in his way to be fully explored. The Taurus lady on the other hand is disenchanted when she is pushed off her comfort zone and is contented with experiencing familiar things every single day even if there is little that is new in it. She prefers what is conventional while he gravitates towards the controversial. Though both partners are weak in showing emotions, secretly she needs the quality to be nurtured while he remains contented on a cerebral plane. There is plenty that the Taurus woman Aquarius man pair can learn from each but the Taurus lady is slow in adapting and may not have adequate time to change before her Aquarius man takes the flight in an altogether new direction.

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Aquarius Woman Taurus Man

The Aquarius woman Taurus man pair represents two strong individuals who have fervent ideas of their needs from a partnership and in many ways those ideas clash. The Taurus man is relatively more traditional in his view about the Aquarius woman Taurus man relationship while the Aquarius woman takes a friendlier and lighter way to be in the association.

The Taurus man has a sensible head above his shoulders and has a loving heart. It is extremely important for him to make a significant imprint on the world around him and be too involved and demanding when he fails to achieve this. Being somewhat traditional, often times, he is not very comfortable facing the realities of today’s modern society which could lead to some anxiety. Emotionally, he is not in a hurry to unfold his feelings and when he does open up, it is a sure sign of his seriousness in the Aquarius woman Taurus man relationship.

The Taurus man is a true gentleman who touches the heart of his Aquarius love and wades his way to rule the deepest emotions in her. He is not jealous but possessive and that helps in shaping up the relationship better since he never interferes with her independence or personal freedom. But he is always available to protect and take her of his heartthrob from all the complexities of the universe around her except when they appear very hazy to him. She is unhappy when she is underestimated just as she cannot tolerate being limited and the Taurus man understands these limitations very well. He is happy to grant her a world of her own except when he finds her over involved in it and sidesteps her role to home and him and she should always remember that her Taurus love is a traditional person and she is better off not playing with his temper.

The Aquarius woman is realistic and believes in her own dreams and the path she has carved out. Her personality carries the qualities of air and it indicates her unpredictability even when one tends to think that he knows her well. She moves around her mental sphere, toying with all kind of ideas and thoughts but she has a personality that is difficult to peg down and her values remain as consistent as it can be. She has a unique personality and is unwilling to abide by rules set by anyone but her own in matters of love. She is deeply faithful to her partner in a relationship but can be low in emotions and detached simultaneously.

The Aquarius woman is seemingly intriguing and bizarre in the eyes of the Taurus man and that precisely is the factor that attracts him to her. She has the ability to extricate him out of his sensible, practical reality forcing him take an abstract view of things opening up to an altogether new world for him. She is intelligent, strong and has her own different ways making her personality so different and attractive. Over a period of time, he finds the Aquarius woman significantly more aware she appeared initially at the start of the Aquarius woman Taurus man relationship. She is a charming companion for the Taurus man and gives her heart to him laced with true dedication. Her love is inspiring and tender for him helping to get better result in his professional and personal life. But at times, he finds her aloof and airy with nothing significant to express and this could throw the spanner in the works for the Taurus man.

As their life drifts along in bliss and love, the Aquarius woman Taurus man pair begins truly accepting each other’s way of functioning and thinking making the relationship cozier. He gets some lessons from his Aquarius love to get a little more easygoing and in turn she receives lessons in being more attached and expressive to her loved ones. Together they create a strong of understanding brightened by the colors of friendship and love gracefully shimmering with melodious tunes making them sweeter than ever. They take care of each other without overshadowing the personality of the other. Their home is warmer where duties and rights move lovingly together and colors of the rainbows from the imagination of the Aquarius woman are beautifully painted by real paints by her Taurus love.

As the airy Aquarius and earthy Taurus meet at a physical level, the initial experiences may be inconsistent and fluttery. This happens because the Aquarius woman is not focused on the physical aspect of romance though her curiosities may be aroused regularly. This is in serious contradiction with approach of the Taurus man to sexuality. Essentially, he expects a healthy frequency of regular lovemaking in a committed relationship, but does not need a vast variety from his lady love. He is focused on the tangible elements of life and his judgment is based on what can be felt with his own hands. Meantime she could drift away noticing that his needs are by far too simple to make them satisfactory or interesting for her. Yet, she exposes the affectionate and sweet side of the Aquarius lady that could nearly be craving for attachment and the respect for the straightforwardness of the Taurus man inspires her patience leading to a smoother sexual life between them growing warmer with time. Her approach to intimacy is one that has an element of hurried excitement laced with nervous anticipation. On the other hand, he is absorbed in the sensation of his motion traversing through his body in explosive bursts.

The Aquarius woman Taurus man pair is bound to experience some fundamental clashes as their outlooks are different. He considers the abstract mentality of his partner as insufficient and impractical to evaluate the universe around her. This leads to protective instincts in the Taurus man. The Aquarius woman finds the Taurus man surrounded by his own thoughts and not prepared to accept realities. These differences apart, while her love for the Taurus man is unblemished, she is equally committed and affectionate to her friends and that can potentially cause a certain level of insecurity for the Taurus man. When these issues come to the surface, both partners can be powerfully stubborn making it a challenge to compromise. One way this relationship can still flourish is when the Taurus man is willing to scale down a little and draw satisfaction from what she can offer and in turn the Aquarius woman gets little more expressive in the Aquarius woman Taurus man relationship.

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Taurus Woman Capricorn Man

In a Taurus woman Capricorn man relationship, the courtship usually tends to be lengthy since both of them do not thoughtlessly jump into the Taurus woman Capricorn man partnership. Usually they seek to feel extraordinarily safe and comfortable and can surprise themselves and surrender to the feelings they have built up for each other more willingly than they do with others.

The Capricorn man is determined and strongly ambitious and a person good to speak to and certainly to deal with. Generally, he appears more stiff and practical and has a reputation for selfishness or ruthlessness but that is simply due to his focus on achieving nearly all possible goals. In his depth however, he is very protective of his family, his lady love and friends and can go to great lengths in taking care of them in best manner he knows. In the Taurus woman Capricorn man relationship he is an intense lover whose preference is not around pass-by-affairs. He is traditional and expects his heartthrob with a healthy complement of traditional aspects and wrapped in feminine attitudes.

At the start of the relationship, the Capricorn man may be seemingly selfish and cold but deep inside he has plenty of commitment and patience making him a great companion for the Taurus woman. She looks for a degree of predictability and emotional security which she certainly gets from the relationship with the Capricorn man. He has a sincere desire to care for his lady love and ensure her comfort in every situation. He respects his lady at all times and adorns the cap of a responsible mate for her. He is determined and practical just like his lady love and that contributes to the smooth working of the compatibility between the Taurus woman Capricorn man pair. But his verbal expressions as well as physical acts fall short of expectations and this could be minor setback to the relationship which possibly blows over quickly though it has the potential to upset the Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman Traits

The Taurus woman’s life is in impeccable order owing to her collected and calm nature and is a graceful damsel. She is driven by her goals and knows ways to channelize her energies into the right slots to get the desired results. She is a down-to-earth personality but at the same time, she is also highly sensual and an ideal mate for the Capricorn man who is practical and is in search of a satisfying and lasting relationship. Her fine tastes and artistic touch add plenty of intrigue to her persona rendering her even more desirable and lovable. She is serious about her love affair and seeks a durable association with complete devotion.

The Taurus woman is a simple lady who is lovingly sweet and has some dedicated goals in her life and a devoted heart for those whom she loves. The Capricorn man can in fact find an affable companion in the Taurus lady and she has many similarities with him. She desires a lovely home like him which she can showcase as their status symbol and enjoy all the comforts that are available. She is a very stable person endowed with a clear mind and always offers supporting and comforting words for her Capricorn love. She is the perfect hostess who will take care of his children and home be by his side when needed, as a strong support. The rate at which she can keep giving is nearly inexhaustible but expect some recognition to fuel that attitude and the Capricorn man should understand this. To address this, he should be more verbal and expressive on occasions to give her the feeling of being loved and appreciated.

When the starry mission of the angels is accomplished in drawing the Capricorn man and Taurus woman magnetically to the other, the Taurus woman Capricorn man pair experience heavenly miracles in the unison. She touches his heart tenderly rendering him a bit more expressive and emotionally loving while he brings ease and comfort in every walk of their lives together. As they explore the special eyes of each other holding their hands, they feel loved and secure like never in the past. For them, the blossoms look faire, rainbows more colorful and stars brighter. There romance is unique with softness of soil and stability of earth. They tune into each other exceedingly well that they begin to experience the harmony of music in all aspects of life when they are together.

Love Life

Being less verbal and earthy by nature, the focus in sexual relationship between the Taurus woman Capricorn man pair is more on the physical side which is also fine to them initially. They are not very comfortable with any outlandish display of emotions and prefer a significantly more subtle approach. They enjoy the physical presence and the satisfaction they present to the other is extremely appreciated by each other. However, with passage of time, the Taurus woman starts craving for some more emotional assurance than what the Capricorn man can give. He believes that his consistency is proof enough for his commitment towards her, but she seeks little more outward and open display of love and affection as she progresses in her attachment to hm. When she is following her instincts, she can help her Capricorn love free the emotions he feels shyly and is longing to release. His physical desires equal any other man and when some lovely emotional expressions are added it becomes a beautiful blend of romance and sex, rendering their love making further enjoyable and beautiful than ever in the past.

The Taurus woman Capricorn man relationship has its share of hurdles before it can move on the expressway for a long and unhindered journey together. Before this can happen, they should realize their differences and adapt quickly. In the interim, there can be long days of frustration between this pair though they are more likely to sort out their issues finally. If the Capricorn man can learn that he must devote time for his career as well as his lady love, then the effort is likely to satisfy her. On her part, the Taurus woman too has to mellow down on her stubbornness if she should have a chance to communicate her emotional needs to him as she hates verbalizing them. Once the couple shunts these issues away from their path, nothing can come in the way of enjoying a strong and stable relationship together.

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Capricorn Woman Taurus Man

The Capricorn woman Taurus man is among the interesting and easier pairs within the zodiac. Though they have enough differences between them, they also have common goals with regard to love that are enough to peg possible tensions at the minimum levels. The Capricorn woman Taurus man pair shares basic appreciation for earthly pleasures and sensuality.

Taurus Man Traits

The Taurus man knows to personify his role as the masculine and secure caretaker by channelizing his capability to manage difficult times. He is a composed and calm individual most of the time with a very practical and stable approach. Though he values financial security and material possessions, he can be very sentimental too. He prefers a steady life that is without its unexpected surprises and if the Capricorn woman the power of the house and home to him, he will take good care of his lady love.

The Taurus man is a very level headed and extremely responsible individual. The Capricorn woman on the other hand is pretty hard to win over. The Taurus man is among the few who brings the true dedication needed to genuinely conquer her heart. Neither partner is particularly flowery in matters of verbal confessions with regard to love, but he is essentially lot more sentimental and can reveal the softer side of the Capricorn woman. He protects and lovers her and has respect for her individuality, giving her support in all endeavors undertaken by her. He does not allow minor issues or tiffs to disturb their relationship and adores his lady as a rare gem. They value the stability and are most content when they pursue something greater and they set a common goal that is desired by them.

Capricorn Woman Traits

The Capricorn woman is smart, practical and a whip individual who can focus on what she considers important for her and pursue her goal with a near superhuman degree of dedication. She is not rattled by the conflicting and confusing emotions that pave way to many difficulties in the lives of other people. Instead, matters of the heart are not her first priority and therefore winning her over gets a bit tricky. When she gets interested in a man, it is important that she has a significant position in the man’s life. In any relationship, she is never comfortable with any type of unimportant position.

A Capricorn woman is the embodiment of all that a Taurus man could aspire or dream for in a wise and practical woman. Though he may desire a more open display of sentiment or affection, he realizes soon that steadfast commitment towards him over a longer term is simply the way she expresses her love. But, she is also at the same time warm, pretty and feminine enough to possess exquisitely tender feelings for her heartthrob and when the Taurus man gains that status, he receives such focused devotion and attention making him more peaceful and secure. When this pair chooses to raise a family, the respect and admiration they have for each other is enormous and they are capable of building a strong home with the firmest foundation.

The Capricorn woman Taurus man pair constitute a lovely relationship that has intense devotion and in due time, they even get to read each other’s thoughts. They love stability and peace and are endearingly possessive of each other. They enjoy strong modes of loving and earthy passion. They are dependable and have the certainty in their being together with a perpetual aura around them. While the Taurus man learns to shed some of his stubbornness, the Capricorn woman adds a bit more expressiveness. While flowery expressions have a lesser role in their love, they do walk over the green meadows enjoying earth’s pleasant fragrance and shimmering colors from above blessing them with happiness forever.

Love Life

Since the Capricorn woman Taurus man pair represent earthy beings, their sexual relationship tends to be more prominent compared to other signs of the Zodiac. Once they are in their bedroom, they experience a kind of unison that is instantly comfortable in the arms of each other, helped by their relationship to unravel. The focus is on the physical aspect of love making and both partners do not need the usual wooing, sweet whisperings associated with more romantic or emotional types. Instead, they are happier allowing their bodies to undertake the talking. The ability of the Taurus man to express himself with full sincerity and honesty with a word spoken is very appealing to his Capricorn love.

His erotic ability and sensuality stirs the deepest passion in her which is very fulfilling and intense. She is not for games and exactly knows where her place with him is. In several situations, the Capricorn woman can cause a divide between love and sex as a defense means to stave off any hurt in the relationship. However, she senses that it is ok to be off guard and enjoys the earthy passion of the Taurus man as beyond a simple physical act, as she can smell that there is not an iota of deceit in his feelings.

The Hurdles

An important aspect of the Capricorn woman Taurus man relationship is their difficulty discussing their emotion and knowing ways to confront the issues at a verbal level. Compared to the Taurus man, she can be worse and her independence carries more pride with it, while she needs to face his stubbornness. Undoubtedly they have the perseverance and patience to go through it, though communication becomes a problem at times. Both parties do not prefer natural display of anger, insecurity and fear and decide to keep everything inside though the Taurus man needs to be in contact with his tender self to overcome the barriers and create a rapport allowing more verbal communication of each other’s inner experiences.

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Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man

When the Sagittarius woman Taurus man pair unite in love, the combination of Fire and Earth is somewhat odd. It is seemingly an unusual connection due to the vast difference in needs and styles in their love though compromise and understanding can make the Sagittarius woman Taurus man relationship work.

Taurus Man Traits

The Taurus man is a very private person who is generally even-keeled and relaxed except when his patience is tested and when that happens, his fury knows no bounds and unhealthy for others to witness. He is knowledgeable and works hard tirelessly with dedication to achieve his goal and needs only minimum recognition from others to move on. He is in fact a deeply grounded personality who does not like interlopers in relationship and work. In his love relationship, commitment and loyalty are absolutely essential to make him secure and happy with his Sagittarius love.

The Taurus man is very practical and in the ultimate analysis can be a very safe option for the Sagittarius woman though her appetite for adventures may not meet his approval. But, he sincerely enjoys the company of his love and admires her honesty at all times. He gives her the best of love in raw form and plenty of care to protect her from the rough patches and worries of life. She usually enjoys the approach but at times she could feel much caged and bounded. Conversely, the brute honesty about her thoughts gives him some sense of relief in being true to him though her words may not always sound true particularly in relation to obligations and promises and this could lead to cracks in Sagittarius woman Taurus man relationship over the long term.

Sagittarius Woman Traits

The Sagittarius woman is vivacious, free spirited and open minded and interested in adventures and exploring new philosophies in her own life. Her zest and passion to experience new things could lead to an amount of reckless behavior which could also put her in a spot at intervals. But, she also has an amazing ability to extricate herself from trying and difficult situations in a short span of time and has an incurable optimism around her. She opens her mind out in a way that makes her apparently insensitive but rarely carries any hint of malice. Frills and romance are not what she exactly seeks though she proves herself a committed and responsible partner in the Sagittarius woman Taurus man relationship.

When the Sagittarius woman enters into a relationship, it is apparently a new and exciting adventure and she gets the feel that there is a good chance for strong companionship with a male. The Taurus man can fulfill these aspirations, particularly when they had already shared a good bonding through friendship. She is a very open minded and frank partner for him and always proves herself to be a great companion supporting everything and particularly their outdoor tasks. She deeply enjoys and admires the stability and reliability of the Taurus man though at times her flakiness can really irritate him. On occasions when she fails to pay due attention to household chores, she may also encounter his stubbornness and even the fiery temper.

As the cold Earth receives the warmth of the Fire, the soft fragrance of love pervades the air, emerging from its core, filling the lives of the Sagittarius woman Taurus man pair with the pleasant aroma of togetherness and affection. In due course of time, their understanding increases and she delicately steps into their home to start enjoying her adventures in the home environment. The Taurus man meantime learns enjoying the world outside the limits of his home with his beautiful Sagittarius love. He gives hear peace of mind and life and she helps him rejoice more. They understand the needs of each other well and a more promising relationship flourishes to a degree beyond what they had imagined and they hold their hands to never part.

Love Life

The love life between the Sagittarius woman Taurus man pair usually is exciting since the two focus sincerely on and enjoy the physical aspects of sex in its pristine purity. But, outside that their approach to sex is different. For him, physical intimacy is a way to connect with his lady love at a deeper level to establish a deep emotional connection between them while looks at it as genuine fun which is simply a part of the relationship. She is enthusiastic, sincere and passionate but not one to be bogged down by getting overly sentimental. She has a more casual approach to sex which need not necessarily play an important role in a relationship while the Taurus man in comparison to other men is likely to be interested in meaningless sex. But once they enhance their physical and emotional awareness, their sexual union becomes a pleasant experience giving them lasting togetherness connecting them into a more beautiful relationship. She is adept at soft deployment of her fingers with equal gentleness and caress to tickle his body. They feel terribly vulnerable and silly, but are very good and very aroused. Importantly, these baseless fears often tend to disrupt them from experiencing a wonderful love making.

The Hurdles

The Sagittarius woman Taurus man relationship has its share of hurdles along its path. She prefers to be more homebound while he likes the outside world more. She views the bright side while he looks at the side that is not very bright. She looks for plenty of fun while he looks for productivity. To make this relationship last for a long period of time, they have to unearth their undiscovered sides because there is little that lies in common between them. The fiercely independent nature of the Sagittarius woman won’t wink an eye before ending a romantic relationship when she suspects being repressed or stifled. On his part, when he spends long hours outside his home, he grows suspicious and jealous. If this pair learns to unwind and enjoy venturing into uncharted new territories and learns devoting more time to family and home, this relationship has a chance to survive and flourish.

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Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man

The Taurus woman Sagittarius man pair constitutes a somewhat out of the box combination. The Sagittarius woman looks for fun in love and can infuse large scale excitement into the relationship. Conversely, excitement is not a major factor for the Taurus man in matters of love and in fact he is keen on predictability and stability in the Taurus woman Sagittarius man relationship.

Sagittarius Man Traits

The Sagittarius man is a cheerful and very honest person with lots of enthusiasm to get everyone in his vicinity excited. He is very conscious of his directions and goals and also achieves them. He has the ability to deliver an impressive amount of affection and love but prefers giving most of it when it is least expected or required by his lover. He is an ardent devotee of the ‘live and let live’ philosophy and is not comfortable with getting tied down by commitments. He proves to be a true and loyal companion when he gets the feel that he is being allowed adequate freedom and independence.

The Sagittarius man is similar to a unicorn when it comes to charms for his Taurus woman. He gives her a glimmer of hope and light which she cherishes against all dark thoughts haunting her from deep within. The down-to-earth approach of the Taurus woman is appreciated by the Sagittarius man and usually he is ready to submit to her capabilities. He is capable of offering most of what is lacking in her but what is available in common may fall short of what is needed on occasions. In romance, he makes a man with sincere words and a great friend, once he knows that the Taurus woman is his right choice. Yet, when he concludes that she is attempting to control him or when he does not appreciate her actions, there can be serious cracks in the Taurus woman Sagittarius man relationship.

Taurus Woman Traits

The Taurus woman is a firmly grounded person and is always aware of what he is up to. She is kind and generous and is endowed with a strong ability to take care of her loved ones. She demonstrates a significant amount of self-control and patience and her warmhearted nature wins over others. On her deepest emotions, she prefers to keep them private and can independently cope with her issues. When pushed to the limits, she can reveal her fierce side pushing behind the easygoing demeanor that she usually has. Such an event, as and when it happens is not forgotten very easily by those who are at the receiving end of her ire.

From their very first meeting, the Taurus woman finds the Sagittarius man impressive, falling head over heels for the man for several reasons. He is admired for his high degree of optimism and intellect which gives her an all new perspective of life which was not even part of her dreams. Basically she fits exceedingly well in the role of a caretaker and loves taking responsibilities making her a desirable companion for the Sagittarius man who is somewhat careless in keeping up with schedules because of his happy go lucky attitude. She chips in with his work and is a great listener who can keep the balance. She is very warm-hearted and faithful to him except when she is pushed to the extremes to experience her fury. Conversely he needs plenty of abstract stimulation and her talents are more in the earthy and practical realm.

When the jolly Sagittarius man and the warm Taurus woman begin accepting the differences between them to an extent of appreciation, the love between the Taurus woman Sagittarius man pair presents a dazzling experience for the couple. When she starts comprehending her Sagittarius man’s dreams, his nature grows to the tallest level bringing out a devoted and enthusiastic mate in him. He further learns giving her the feel of being attended and loved by devoting more quality time together. The loyalty and honesty of Taurus woman Sagittarius man pair blushes red making them feel comfortable and trust each other even when one partner is not around. This brings about further warmth and strength into the relationship laced with the jiggles of joy and colors of romance.

Love Life

The love life between the Taurus woman Sagittarius man pair is one that overflows with enthusiasm and passion. She is sensuous and love making is the way she gives expression to her emotions. She should however feel secure in her lover’s commitment to truly open up in the sexual relationship. The Sagittarius man is after an emotional experience that lies beyond and above the realm of passion. The sensuality of the Taurus woman is highly appreciated by the Taurus man and she enjoys his wild passion. However, the physical relationship between them can be more fulfilling when they understand their different sexual needs and basic natures. They need to try harder to get the best of sexual experience and for that they should work together. They should be fully committed and involved as the primary goal of sexual union is making it pleasing not only for the body, but also the mind and spirit.

The Hurdles

In the Taurus woman Sagittarius man relationship, there are many hurdles that lie in the path of their being together. The Sagittarius man can behave irresponsibly with the heart of his beloved. While the Taurus woman is pretty much stable and predictable, her Sagittarius love expects excitement in his relationship to maintain his interest. While the interests of the Sagittarius man are primarily outside the home, she is happy with the comforts available in her environment. Similarly, the Sagittarius man should learn to reign in his fiery temper and be more patient and he can always draw from her strengths in this area picking up a lesson or two. The Taurus woman on her part will need to give him some additional freedom than what she is used to. If she can get more exploratory and he learns to become little more reassuring, then the Taurus woman Sagittarius man pair relationship has bright chances of flourishing.

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Taurus Man Scorpio Woman

Scorpio and Taurus sit in the opposite directions in the Zodiac chart and very often they are attracted. What is interesting about the opposite signs in astrology is that there is a common theme that the Taurus man Scorpio woman pair share and that is helpful in seeing eye-to-eye. The Taurus man Scorpio woman pair is attracted to each other’s willingness to commit to the relationship and their strong personality.

Because Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs within the Zodiac, it is inevitable that there is a magnetic pull that brings them together, particularly with the Taurus man feeling like dipping into the Scorpio woman’s mysterious beauty. She has a standard and taste that is appreciated by her Taurus love with significant grace that can be adored from the bottom of the heart. She is a very encouraging partner who unfailingly admires the ambitious nature and courage of the Taurus male and even extends a helping hand for him in achieving his goals in every possible way. She is a very dependable and loyal companion and has a magnetic appeal around her. But, the Scorpio woman also strongly desires to adorn the role of the dominant partner in the relationship and if she is not handled affectionately, she can even be cruel. The Taurus man should have plenty of patience to deal with his Scorpio love so she gets adequate time to surrender and displaying his love and loyalty is the easiest to keep her intact and calm.

The Taurus man is a very collected and calm individual who is also an epitome of strength and knows how to train all his efforts and time channelizing in one direction so that the result is incredible. His emotions are moderate and predictable most of the time. The only exception to this is when he gets pushed to the edge of the limits and he displays surprising stubbornness and frightening temper. He prefers that his lady love should be feminine all through tightly following the roles assigned to the gender. In the Taurus man Scorpio woman relationship, he is happier when allowed to take the lead.

When the Scorpio woman is attracted towards the Taurus man, it results in a soul-transforming powerful relationship. Their union can be obsessive and are seriously driven by their relationship and love. He nurtures her lovingly and presents her plenty of devotion and care. He is by her side always loving and protecting her in all the mounts and valleys of life. The intellect of the Scorpio woman is admired by the Taurus man and invariably supports her in her career pursuits and other facets of life. But, in this relationship, she cannot forget that at all times she is the female and he is the male. Additionally, both of them tend to get possessive and jealous of each other. However, these emotions are trivial for the Taurus man while it is essentially complex for the Scorpio woman. When a fight starts, initially he is impressively patient with her, but has difficulty comprehending what exactly goes on inside her.

The Scorpio woman is endowed with a glorious womanhood that is sweetly nurtured and perhaps very intelligent and bit quiet, but lot more is happening beneath the surface. In fact, she is a complicated woman, and among the most difficult types for others to understand. She is a mastermind in understanding the motivations and emotions of others while she does not ready to willingly give up her own. Only a special type of male can give her the feeling that he can sincerely be trusted. However, during the courtship days with the right man, she is a fine woman, strongly loyal with all the qualities of the head and heart.

When this passionate and romantic couple decides on a stronger bond that lies beyond love, which in fact is completely gratifying and unconditional love, their union gets smoother and warmer. The Taurus man can bring some rich humor to the life of the Scorpio woman brightening up her eyes and in turn she bestows him with heartwarming passion making him more romantic and lively. Their devotion for each other lasts a lifetime with the added dimension of beautiful emotions and colors and lively and lighter shades of romance. The flowers of intense empathy and loyalty five them greater rewards across their life and help them keep the promises they have made to each other burning high under unwavering satisfaction.

The sexual pairing between the Taurus man Scorpio woman pair is emotional and passionate. Sexual expression for both partners is not short of worship in the process of strengthening their relationship. When the Scorpio woman and the Taurus man initiate their first love making process, it is undoubtedly bound to be most explosive with fireworks bursting above their heads blended with passion and eroticism. Her association with sex is pretty close and she brings the qualities of mystery and passion in their sexual act while he caters to the sensuality and romance to their togetherness. For the Taurus man, lovemaking is physical and earthy but it is metaphysical and spiritual for her. He looks to possessing her in the role of his lover while she looks to possess his soul and go to the extremes of unison. As they melt into each other, their love making is fulfilling and enhances the passion in their relationship, thus strengthening the bond between them. The singular trouble is when she finds him to be less passionate when she herself feels love at a greater depth though for her he is essentially a great provider.

The Taurus man Scorpio woman relationship however, is not without its share of trouble spots. The Taurus man always likes to be in control of the power center in the relationship though she is essentially more capable and cleverer in guiding things her way. The urge to be the dominant partner in the relationship can potentially lead to disagreements and arguments. If the Taurus man can make the Scorpio woman understand that she is anyway beneath him without triggering her temper, she is inclined to simply satisfy his ego by letting him feel that he has got his way while she quietly exerts her influence from behind. She too at times thrives with some drams and the Taurus man despises that absolutely. But if he can rise to comprehend her hidden emotions and be patient with her, she can learn to maintain peace for the sake of her Taurus love. If the Taurus man Scorpio woman pair can cross these obstacles, these committed personalities are more likely to find a lasting partnership with each other.

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Taurus Woman Scorpio Man

The willingness to commit and strong personality are the factors that attract the Taurus woman Scorpio man pair. This partnership is magnetic and sexually intense with bright chances of long lasting relationship. The Taurus woman Scorpio man pair sense their ability to go that extra mile resulting in mutual respect.

Scorpio Man Traits

The Scorpio man is intensely perceptive and has the strong ability to understand motives and reasons of others making him very aware of the wide array of possibilities and situations. He is a person endowed with high values and his emotional intelligence is put to good use. He is reputed for being vengeful and suspicious and these are only his darker qualities that surface when he is going through a bad phase in life. In the Taurus woman Scorpio man relationship, he is a very protective and caring mate, who is always by the side of his Taurus love keeping her safe from all mundane problems.

The Scorpio man adores his Taurus love as if she were a goddess, when he is in love with her. He knows respecting and loving her, but never lets her forget that in the relationship, he is the Man! He has a passionate of protecting and loving his partner and provides her the best of everything that is available in all ways. He makes her so special that no other man can even dream of and spoils her with plenty of pampering, best fragrances and good food that is available embellished with a musical taste making her tap the toes. He is the embodiment of a strong mountain, keeping her protected from all social evils and problems. At times, he is suspicious to an unhealthy degree but the care and love he gives far outweigh the grey qualities.

Taurus Woman Traits

The Taurus woman is hardworking and a down-to-earth individual in all her actions. She does not tend to be impulsive and instead looks well ahead before leaping and her future plans are meticulous. She may be apparently shy over the course of the initial meetings but can warm up quickly and turn into an entertaining conversationalist. In the Taurus woman Scorpio man relationship, she is very loyal and devoted with a supporting hand and warmth of love. In love life, she has a graceful and sensual approach helping the relationship become lasting and cozier. When the sensual Taurus lady’s eyes meet the Scorpio man’s hypnotic eyes, she experiences an irresistible magnetic attraction. In the beginning of the relationship, she may feel that the Scorpio man is unpredictable and risky to deal with, but it is his seductive qualities that eventually contribute to winning her over and with some luck, she has found her man who can trusted for life. She is a great match for the Scorpio man who is in search of a woman with rock hard will and a heart that is sugar coated. She is knowledgeable in loving and respecting him and knows ways to present him a smoother life without any actual interference. She gives the best of her physical and emotional love with wonderful food, making the home for her Scorpio love, the perfect place he wants to be in. She has the intelligence to support him during his rough days and help him keep up the spirits when he needs it.

And The Taurus Woman Scorpio Man Pair Transition To

As love progresses between the Taurus woman Scorpio man pair, they grow possessive and intimate with each other learning to actually enjoy the feel of possessiveness in a passionate manner. The passionate romance of the Scorpio man melts the stubbornness of the Taurus woman and his suspicion and jealousy vanish, thanks to the loyalty and devotion presented by his Taurus love. They experience the blossoming unison of two love birds when their eyes fall on the other to reveal all those lovely promises made by their heart to each other. All their differences are washed away by the deep love they experience between them and with a pure soul and loving heart they yearn for oneness and nothing more.

Love Life

The blend of Earth and Water is by far the best, both sexually and emotionally in a relationship. Once a sexual relationship develops between the Taurus woman Scorpio man pair, it becomes apparent that the sexual appeal is what brought them together. Both of them have power appetite and do need a stimulating and active sex life to express themselves fully and enjoy being appreciated to the height of their capacity. They approach sexuality from fundamentally very different ways. For the Taurus woman it is very earthy and physical and it is through the five senses that she reaches her height. It is quite the opposite for the Scorpio man for whom sex is more a metaphysical experience which takes him to higher planes of spirituality. When they make love, a powerful emotional bond is formed and their physical connection marks the strength in their relationship. Things may go awry away from their bedroom, but their bond behind the closed doors help them put in their best to sort things out.

The start of this relationship is with a bang and in all likelihood, it can be long lasting too. But cracks may begin to appear when the Scorpio man gradually reveals the deep inside of his personality that he always tries hard to hide from the external world. Superficially, he just displays his deep practicality, calculating reason and cold. These are also traits that the Taurus woman happily embraces since she holds sensibility and rationality as supreme. It is only when the severity and extremity of the Taurus man’s convictions are revealed she gets wary. Even the blind prejudice and stubbornness of the Taurus woman presents issues for him and he tends to dominate the relationship. But, when both partners get down to examining their problems and talk, chances are that the Taurus woman Scorpio man relationship can last a life time.

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